Be a Guest Author

Use the email provided to submit a piece of written and/or visual content for publication in The Hippo. We consider all submissions and will respond to you within one week of reception regarding our editorial decision for your proposed piece.

Submission Guidelines

Essays must be at least 800 words in length, original in concept, and have a debatable thesis statement. We like essays exploring answers to pressing public-policy issues, thoughtful commentaries on current events of national or international relevance, and/or in-depth arguments on artistic, political, or cultural topics.

Articles must be at least 400 words in length and are stylistically freer than essays. In them, authors can express their informed opinions and/or analysis on current issues or events. Most articles are argumentative in their thesis statements, but they don’t have to be. For example, articles can take the form of traditional opinion columns or journalistic pieces of news analysis.

We like thoughtful, intelligent satire pieces of 400 words or more. Most are political, but they need not be. Satire should be formatted like a traditional news story or a piece of longform journalism.

Single-panel Cartoons
We accept captioned or uncaptioned single-panel cartoons. If submitting an uncaptioned cartoon, please specify if you would like us to post it on our website’s cartoon caption contest section.

We accept both formal- and free-verse poetry submissions.

Short Stories
We like short works of both fiction and non-fiction, so long as they are under 7,000 words.

We accept photography submissions. If accepted, your photo(s) will be featured somewhere around our website. Please submit a short caption with all photography submissions explaining who the photographer was along with where and when it was taken.